Month: May 2016

Android N suggestions came out from GoogleIO 2016

The objective of Google I/O 2016 Extended is to gather the Madurai’s developers as well as students who are willing to be a tech lover for a one-day meet-up.
Final agenda being drafted around 10:30 am lots of confusion before the event gets started, At the end of the day “The initiative was a fantastic success!”

It was the day our team finally shows off about
Android updates
Google Products
We covered some of the stuff what Google has announced on io16 event.
We were live with Hash tag: #gdgmdu and #io16 on Twitter, Facebook and Google+

Lots of new faces at this GoogleIO in Madurai. We began with the welcome note by Mrs. Manimala Co-founder of Metoomentor. Next to the adressing session Mr Saravanan from Shuttersketz delivered the session about progressive web app

Speaker Details:

Mr: Saravanan
Mr. Ashwin Vairavan deliverd about Git and Mango DB
Mrs. Sabitha MS said about Internet of things
Mr Shiva Surya said about Android Nanodegree

In between we played a video about Google products. Interactive games and quiz sessions were conducted by Nirmal, Sabari and Aswin

We have asked the participants to suggest the name of Android ‘N’
The names were,
Nuts and so on..
the response was fabulous!!

We gave swags and goodies to the participants.


Event Site:

Google I/O Extended in Madurai 2016

Saturday, May 28, 2016, 10:00 AM

Thiagarajar college of Engineering
Near Thiruparankundram Madurai, IN

57 Metoomentor Madurai Went

Google I/O 2016 Extended in Madurai aims at gathering Madurai’s developers as well as students who are willing to be a tech lover for a one-day meet-up. Final agenda is still being drafted but be sure you will be kept up to date on any news happening here! Seats are limited, so take yours! Prior Registration is must!…

Check out this Meetup →

Few Statistics:

# Participants Registered:210
# Participants Invited :150
# Participants Attended : 112
# Women Participants : 26


Edited by  –  Andal Mariappan

Google IO 2016 Viewing Party

Google I/O 2016 is an Input and Output Product conference held by Google in San Francisco, California every year. Google I/O features highly technical, in-depth sessions focused on building web, mobile, and enterprise applications with Google and open web technologies such as Android, Chrome, Chrome OS, Google APIs.

Here in Madurai, we provide opportunity to high school students from various schools to know about the Google IO.

The Google I/O 2016 keynote promises to be an action-packed affair that you won’t want to miss, and the entire event was streaming live. It gave new experience for students to share their favourite Google I/O moment ever.

Event Tag:      #io16, #gdgmdu

Speaker Details:

  • Mrs. Suganthi
  • Mr. Saravanan KR
  • Mr. Aravind Thiraviam
  • Mr. Nirmal
  • Mr. Samjebstephen
  • Mr. Chatishwaran
  • Mr. Senthil Nathan
  • Mr. Sabari Vasagan

Few Statistics:

Participants Invited: 50

Participants Attended: 36

We invited 70% High school students and 30% Professional developers; Speakers delivered various sessions like,

  • Google IO 2016 Overview
  • Project ARA
  • Android Various Versions
  • Google Cars
  • Google IO 2016

We were live with Hash tag:  #gdgmdu and #io16 on Twitter, Facebook and Google+. We gave swags and goodies to the participants.


Developers / students able to understand the Google IO.


Edited by  – Andal Mariappan


Technovation Madurai 2016 Official Pitch Event Report

The highlight of the competition is being held for the first time in Madurai, Tamilnadu, India.

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May 01.2016 – It was a sunny, lazy Sunday morning outside but with cool, enthusiastic people inside. This was the scenario inside Tamil Nadu Chamber of Commerce & Industry where school students had come to participate in Technovation official regional pitch event 2016 in Madurai. It was a full day pitch event, and was 16 teammates started showing up their products. Open Registrations didn’t end until 4:30 in the evening, 415 Audience on course to support the team mates something awesome.

We began with a warm welcome address by Mrs. Manimala Co-founder of Metoomentor organization and Mr. Senthil Kumar Senior Research Scientist Qualcomm gave a brief introduction of the Technovation challenge following which we acquainted the participants with the problem statement and judging procedure.  Keynote was given by Mr. Karthikeyan Senior Staff Engineer Qualcomm. Next to the addressing session, Technovation participants had to pitch their ideas related to the problem that they are facing in local region.

In morning session 8 team mates had pitch their ideas along with the business plan and marketing strategy. In the midst of all of this were Volunteer team members keeping the spirits up of the participants and audience by playing audio and video about the women empowerment and previous Technovation team talks.


Left To Right

Mr. JK Muthu Chairman Digit- All

Mr. Senthil Kumar Senior Research Scientist Qualcomm

Mr. Paul Ravindranath Google Head Accelerator

Mr. Karthikeyan Senior Staff Engineer Qualcomm

Mrs.  Dhana Kodithi Senior, Lead Engineer Qualcomm.

Mrs. Subha Prabhakaran Chair Person SHARP


Keynote by Mr Karthikeyan – Senior Staff Engineer Qualcomm


Participants Pitch


415 Audience on course to support the team mates

Then it was time for lunch break.  After lunch break, the next 8 team mates continued with their pitch session. We gave time for audience vote and collected the judge’s votes.  In between Uma Maheshwari from Sourashtra School delivered her research about Google.Local, also she told the difference between Google and Google.Local chief guest were inspired about her talk

The judging started at 5:00 PM. Judges interacted with the teams. It was indeed tough to select the winners.

Finally there were three teams announced as winners:

First place: Gracious Team (Cypro App) won it all by getting the first position for their efforts.


Second place: Electric Girls (Career Guidance) won second place. Their Team work was excellent


Third place: Charming Girls (My-Ticket) bagged the third prize. Their UI was just fantastic!!


For the winners and participants prize was awarded by,

Mr. Paul Ravindranath Head, Google Accelerator

Mr. Rethinavelu Senior President / Chairman, TN Chamber

Mr. Sambasivan Vice Principal, Madura College

Mr. Karthikeyan Senior Staff Engineer, Qualcomm

Mrs. Rajakumari Jeevagan Chairperson, Women Entrepreneurs

Mrs. Subha Prabakaran Chair Person, SHARP

Mrs. Dhana Kodithi Senior Lead Engineer, Qualcomm

The event concluded with National Anthem. It was a pleasure looking at all the happy relaxed faces.

Event Tag:  #technovation #technovationmadurai #ideapitch

Total Registration: 415 (Open Registration)

Total Teammates: 16 team (58 students)

Meet up Link:

Website Link:



Chief Guest 


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This was the scenario inside Tamilnadu Chamber of Commerce & Industry Madurai on May 1st 2016.

Edited by – Andal Mariappan