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This is prepared by Deepak

Welcome to IOT Madurai

Slogans: “ Lets program the Future through IOT”

“ Anything that can be connected, will be connected”

“IOT is a vast sea, whereas IOT Madurai acts as a ship to travel”

“Come, let all get connected to connect all”

Our Next Event : November 1st, 2015.

Who we are:

IOT Madurai is an community, with skillful mentors to create awareness, teach , encourage, conduct events to students/developers about Internet of Things (IOT) which is one of the most expected and wanted technology by all fields of Engineering. Internet of Thing makes all physical electronic devices to get connected with one another and make them automated. All students, entrepreneurs, working peoples, and those who love to know about technology are invited!!!.

What is IOT:

The Internet of Things extends internet connectivity beyond traditional devices like desktop and laptop computers, smartphones and tablets to a diverse range of devices and everyday things that utilize embedded technology (fan, refrigerator, vehicles, washing machine, coffee maker, etc.) to communicate and interact with the external environment, all via the Internet.

News Feeds:

1. IOT Madurai encourage and provides opportunity for students/developers in Madurai to

know about latest technology called “Internet of Things”. Because IOT is becoming an

growing technology.

2. IOT-Madurai is organizing the first developer program on “date” in Madurai. This

program is fully focused about “Internet of Things” and its importance in future. All we

need is students and developers support.

3. IOT-Madurai is one of the largest developer group in south Tamilnadu. It was Intiated on 1st Nov ,2015. Currently our organization is running with more  developers including students and professionals around south Tamilnadu. The main Objective of IOT-Madurai is to create an good ecosystem for developers in rural areas of Tamil nadu to know about “Internet of Things”.

Lets Talk About Our Goal

Our Ambition is to gather the community of vibrant students and Professionals and enhance them by providing a network, for people who love the spirit of sharing in technological field . contents

Meetup group description.

This content was prepared by Sathish

This is a group for everyone interested to collaboratively explore, learn and innovate with Open Source. The main focus of this meetup group will be to achieve the goal of providing “Free Internet” service to the unconnected majority. Join us as we explore the Wi-Fi technology and discover how one can quickly leverage the existing Internet infrastructure to create new opportunities and growth towards the target goal. This meetup is committed to bringing together innovative minds to share deep insights on Wi-Fi technology through regular workshops, hackathons and technical conferences.

While achieving the goal and making Internet available to all may seem improbable at the moment, if everyone of us can come together, participate and become part of the proposed system, the challenge can be met with the sustained efforts that it needs. After all, everyone deserves to make their mark in the connected world.

Project kalam contents

This is prepared by deepak
Project Kalam,

Objective of the project:
The main objective of this project is to create a single platform to unite all the youngsters of India to unite their knowledge and talent.
As to make the dreams of Kalam sir true , this project  provides
Knowledge Freedom
Internet Access Freedom
Mentoring Freedom
Wireless Freedom
Digital Freedom
Knowledge Freedom :
“Knowledge is Power. Power is Freedom. Freedom is your Right”
Knowledge is everywhere and with everyone of us. Each of us would be skillful and be a master in a field. Express your Knowledge to this world. Project Kalam acts as a window to show your capability and skill to this world. Gather others knowledge, make a team and accomplish your ambition.

Internet Access Freedom:
“Internet,  a  powerful tool to get connected to the world from your hand”
This tool has to get into the hands  of every corners of our country. And it is our responsibility  to spread it all over , we have taken first step towards it.  Project Kalam gives its full support to Internet accessibility to everyone.

Mentoring Freedom:
“ To teach is to touch a life forever”
If you are a good student  you would be appreciated by a teacher, but  if you become a good teacher you would be blessed by many lives. It is just not enough if you gather knowledge, it is more important to share and apply your knowledge. Take full liberty to teach others through Project Kalam.
Wireless  Freedom:
Digital Freedom:

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