Here is the list of Women Startups in Madurai. 

Girija (CEO Elshaddai)

Heera (CEO Phoenix)
Manimala (CEO WebToAll)
Padmapriya (CEO EagleEye)
Priya (CEO TrainingRobot)
Ratha(CEO TheScreen)
Sharmila (CEO Durgasafe)
Vaishnavi (CEO NextCloudCampus)

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Name : Vaishnavi.N.B

Company Name : NextCloudCampus

Position : CEO of NextCloudCampus


About Myself

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Company Description:

NextCloudCampus is a startup company developing cloud enabled software products for college and schools to automate their tedious day to day process. The company is based out of Madurai started by young science college fresh out girls. Our three year of college life we are struggle a lot to follow our traditional methods to get application form, pay exam fees, get our hall ticket . Our college has 5000 odd people every time waiting the queue always to get their work done. It triggers us a idea to make a cloud based software to automate all the process in single touch using mobile phone. We are successfully running our pilot project in our college campus. This is application form for joining the college is implemented by us and launched in our college. New fresh out student filling application form paying their fees through mobile phone. We already developed many products based on this which will make the smart campus.


Fill your application form through mobile. No more waiting in the queue to get application form!! No more walking to the college campus to pay your fees!! Do it everything on your mobile.

  1. Simple Design

We use the simple javascript full stack framework to develop our cloud enabled software. It is simple to use and make your process easy.

  1. We support all the platform

Don’t limit yourself we understood student community use vast varty of mobile platform and web. So we developed our software for the entire currently available platform such as Android, IOS, Windows Phone, Firefox, Tizen and for your Web.

  1. Pay through your phone

No more cheque, DD and waiting the big queue to pay your fees. Just tap your mobile phone to pay your fees, Get your exam hall ticket. Don’t have credit or Debit card don’t worry we support career billing.

Company Website Link:

Product Links:


TheScreen inc

Name : Ratha S

Ratha S
Ratha S

Company Name : TheScreen inc

Position : CEO of TheScreen inc


About Myself

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About Company

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Company Description :


ScreenInc is a startup company formed by young college girls from premier Science college in Madurai India . We developed a mobile application called Mobocart to help people to avoid standing in the queue for Bill payment in Shopping Malls. Our solution helps people to buy the hand graft product in the right price with best quality


No more Queue for billing. Pay bill from phone, Shop faster better and smarter.

It is for shoppers

Shop on the go, pay on the go and no more Queue in super market

It is for travellers

Travellers buy the Hand graft product for best price and good quality

It is for Shop keepers

Quick billing, Give more satisfaction to customers, Full analysis report on which product sells faster from our report analyser.

The Features

Price detector

Set up your monthly budget. Get alert when you cross the budget amount

Buy it at right price

Buy the hand graft product which don’t have fixed MRP at right price.

Scan and pay

Scan your items using mobile phone and directly pay the bill no more queue

I hate to go shopping due to the billing queue. Now this app made my shopping more joyful-Shopper

I am traveler like to buy different handmade product. This app made me to buy best quality product at right price-Traveler

I had installed this application in my Super Market. Now my shopper are enjoying the queue less billing-Shopkeeper

My Entrepreneurship journey | My life turning point

Hai I am ratha( immense pleasure to tell about my Entrepreneurship experience…Ms.Manimala conducted seminar about android app development in my college(thiagarajar college) and her speech was very enthusiastic to us..So am eagar to join with them..Now am a coordinator of the Metoo Mentor platform. Me and my friends are decided to do that..suddently we give our  acknowledge to them.

Technovation Event is First Started with 250 madurai young girls in madura college. Event was completely organized by senthil kumar who is research engineer in Qualcomm. In first day class we are really excited about mr.senthilkumar speech. He explain, we are going to do really very innovative things. On first day we realize how to think and how to get an idea for app.

Our first aim is to create lot of ideas to resolve the real time problems we face every day by android. We see lot of videos about top entrepreneurs and co-founders life history and their pain to get that place.

At that time we understand the different between them and us..So we start to proceed our ideas in that way of thinking…

In Further classes we sitting like round table conference and think about ideas with my group. In my group we think more than ten ideas. All ideas should face the real time problems only. Not going for any virtual things.

We pick the one best idea along ten ideas. But this idea was really tough for us. There is created more than 200 ideas are ready to make an app.. Even way we do lot of things. But we need a proper guidance to proceed our idea to next level. Mr.Senthil leads some steps like story board creating, Business plan creation, App description, Physical art works and Live demo.

On Next class we make sticky notes for our idea. We prepared three charts as colorful. In that day we pick a best one idea and start to create story board for that idea.

Story Board Creation is really a fun one. We select a chart and drawing with color pencils. It reminds our childhood days. We draw the story board with different angles and finally we get the good one.

Then we decide to create a prototype for our idea. so we search and got some acknowledgement from internet..Then we create prototype for our idea and our idea got a physical structure at first time..Then we named our idea as “MOBOCART.

We make an app contents as app screen, 100 word app description, slide check, prototype presentation, marketing strategy, Business plan. we submitted these datas to technovation. After judgments we got a title as commercial app for our idea.

After that three teams went to Bangalore and attend the wetech pitch event. That girls share their experience about Bangalore event. In between that time we learn Linux, python and website creating using Google app engine.(

Finally we complete the presentation data as animated which is to be presentable.

Chennai WeTech Event:

On September 13,wetech pitch event competition was conducted by WeTech in Thought works pvt ltd in Chennai. Cognizant co founder Suresh, WeTech organizer Mega, Thought work employee Sneha, Startup organizer Vijay, Higher one cofounder, Thought work project manager are all share their timeline experience with us. They gave a piece of advice for to lead a great life.

We proud to say, our idea got a first place in that competition..That is a great milestone for our first step.

Am also volunteering to lead a seminar about app inventor, idea section to my technovation girls..

That day was really very great day for us. We also apply for 10000 startups to implement our idea. Our next plan is to start the Company as Screen Inc ( to implement our MOBOCART idea and also implement our future plan.

IBM Bluemix Hackathon | CeBIT | Bangalore

Our next step start with IBM peoples in IBM bluemix hackathon

Hack for Hire|Microsoft Ventures Accelerator|Bangalore

(6-dec-2014 to 7-dec-2014)

We went to Bangalore to attend the hack for hire hackathon to prove ourself in Microsoft office.In that hackathon we spend our full efforts in two days.After the long war we won the TITLE “Hacking Heroine”.And also got the first prize and medal there.we are so happy when return back to our hometown.This is my recordable history.


Tlabs Startup Lounge|Bangalore

(14-dec-2014) In this precious day my startup thescreeninc selected from google via Tlabs startup lounge program.And we get a opportunity to travel United States (Google).

This is my unbelievable moment in my life.

Sathanayalargal Award|from Dr.A.P.J.Abdulkalam’s chief secretary|Mr.senthooran|Madurai


This is surprise award from Mr.senthooran.very boostable award for youngsters to forward next step in their life.Am very glad to say that i got it.

After this Screen inc got lot of opportunities in the industries. Product development also going successfully.

After long time we went to another hackathon called women who code in bangalore with the theme of womens security which is organized by HIKE messenger.I like this concept very much.In that hackathon we provide our idea as pitch and our developed product .Judges are so impressed.Our competitors nearby 150 girls in bangalore and somewhere else.But we got a first prize 75,000 INR and TITLE of that day with the sprit. We start to believe ourself to deserve this. J Really happy moment. After that we return back to our hometown.Suddenly one day we get a call and mail from hike. We are really surprized that “hike founder calling us to meet him”.We went to Delhi at Oct1-2015 and meet him. That was a great day. J

TheScreen inc Continue its journey well!!!




Name :Girija R

Girija R
Girija R

Company Name :Elshaddai
Position: CEO of Elshaddai

About Myself
Website Link:

Company Description:
Health is prominent one for human world but it is not properly maintain by us and we didn’t know how to take care our health it is biggest issue for today rectify this problem we start a new company called Elshaddai.
Elshaddai is women startup Company which Focus on Health Care. The word “Elshaddai” means “Nothing impossible”. We already developed many products like PocketDoctor, SaveMom .

Product Description:
Pocket doctor is a hybrid application. Which provides solution for better first aid, tips for health fitness, prevention of diseases and indicatesymptoms invisual manner which easy to access, it helps to find out the nearby hospital and pharmacy.

Inconvenience of pregnant Women. In Metro cities,Women has a hectic schedule. Due to this they miss their checkup, diet, and prescribed medicines. Some of the women in rural areas don’t have good transport facility.To solve this problem Elshaddai found new app called SaveMom.
Save mom provide:
• Continuous checkup tracking.
• Arrange free pick up to hospitals.
• Health food Tips.
• Yoga.
• Create awareness about Govt. schemes.
A digital medical assistant for pregnant ladies.
It makes simple and easy for them to get the right treatment at right time.



Name                     :     B.Sharmila devi

Company Name    :     Durgasafe

Position                 :     CEO of Durgasafe

Email-ID                 :

About Myself         :

Company Description  

Durgasafe is women startup Company which Focus on women safety. We already developed one project called Durga Buzzer which will product women during the Danger situation.

Product Description

Durga Buzzer :

Durga buzzer is not a secure application. Durga buzzer is pre secure application.It is not user friendly application. It is a mobile friendly application. Because it will be working automatically. Here User need not to working with this application always. Just INTEGRATE with HIKE once is enough.

Simply, Durga Buzzer is not another GPS tracking application.

This Use the Hot word called “Help me Durga”. This will connect the women to nearest Durga.

It collects the heat map of past criminal activities happened in that area.

Based on that it will spilt each are to,

Green        –   This screen shows that the user will be in “Safe Zone”.

Orange     –   This screen shows that the user will be in “Moderate Zone”. It

means user needs to be careful.

Red           –   This screen shows that the user will be in “Danger Zone”. So

that user needs to take help preferably with their “help me”


If user block with some situation, they secure with “help me” voice.

“Help me” voice used to send an alert message with the help of HIKE GROUP to nearby friends and hike users.


Heera S
Heera S

Name:     S.HEERA


Company Name: Phoenix

Position:  CEO Of Phoenix

Website link:

Company Description:

Our company is the one of the startup in Madurai City. In our company have five members Malini ,Divyashree , Prahatheeswari , Mageswari and me. Traditional Indian Medicine is the first product of our company. We are creating more innovative ideas.

Product Description:

We creating app for social oriented problem. Nowadays, people are not awareness about the “Traditional Indian Medicine”. The people are migrated to other medicine. It was good but causes some side effects.In using ourapp to prepare the remedy in our home using herbal plants.Simple and easy method and no side effect.To awarenessabout our HERBAL plants.To protect our forest.We provide videos and instructions in our application. Because human brain is easy to understandand observed the imagesand videos.In emergency time ourapp is used to make a first aidin our home. We also maintain our garden with aherbal plants. We also improve the nature and decrease the de-forestation because we use the herbal plant for our health.So people are do notcut the  tree.And sapping many herbals in our garden. So our app is solve thesocial  oriented problem.



Name :  Padmapriya R

Company Name : The Eagle Eye

Position : CEO of The Eagle Eye

Email-ID :

About Myself :

Go and have a look here –

Company Description :

The EagleEye is a start-up company which is focusing on technology domain. It is developing the product called “EagleEye” which is an android application. This will make your phone as a High End security system to monitor your home using the existing sensors available in the mobile devices. It provides the timely alert to the user to protect their affluence.

Product Description:

Eagle Eye is an android application which will solve the home burglary problem when people are not at home. Home safety and security is the top concern for most customers who are not able to buy high cost security devices to avoid the Burglary problem.  This is the problem statement. Many people are affected by this problem.

Our Eagle Eye will solve this problem in a technical way. We are using smart phones in our day to day life. Our mobile is a powerful security system. It has so many inbuilt sensors. So We are going to solve this problem using two smart phones. One mobile should be placed at home(named as Home mobile) and another one should be with user(named as User mobile). When the sound has been detected from your home, the home mobile will alert the user. The user can take the decision which means after getting the alert message the user can instruct the User mobile to take the snaps or video.

Eagle Eye provides the below features:

In Home mobile,

  1. Sound Detect
  2. Alert Me
  3. Take a snap
  4. Live Stream
  5. Alert Cops

In User Mobile,

  1.   Photo capture
  2.   Live Video
  3.   Alert Cops

Our Eagle Eye will make the world secure!!!

Company website link :