Add android platform to make Android Apps with Ionic Framework (Walk-through)

I decided to take a step at creating a universal Android Apps using the ionic framework. Following my experience configuration what is roughly a clean android platform

First some prerequisites

  • Java SDK   here
  • The Android SDK is available here.
  •  Apache Ant here

After Java installation to set path in your System variable: (walkthroug)

  1. open your computer icon->rightclick open properties->Advanced system settings->system properties->environment Varibales->system variables->here select new->make name as JAVA_HOME->C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.7.0->apply->ok
  2. using cmd prompt type java -version   to display the java version.

After Apache download also set path

  1. same as open above points to open environment variables-> select path->edit->to add your apache ant file path copy here(note: to open download and extract to view bin path to copy:….apache-ant-1.9.4\bin;)->apply->ok
  2. using cmd prompt type ant -version to display the apache version

After Android SDK download set path

  1. Now small changes android sdk in user variables for system
  2. open the sdk files there are types of folder available
  3. In the user variables->select path->edit->to copy the two folder path 1.platform-tools>apply->ok
  4. using cmd prompt type android then enter to open android sdk

Now, the fun stuff

  • Create a new ionic project. we’ll use the tabs template for tabs project


Now we successfully created  ionic tabs project

Now the time to add android platform

  • command line:
    ionic platform add android
  • ionic also required android sdk version 22 so you should download sdk 22 in your sdk packageadd android
  • after add platform in your project directory newly create  two folders: platforms, resources
  • In resources their avail icon and splash screen image
  • now to add your icon and splash screen: icon dimension 1024×1024, png : splash screen 2208×2208 png
  • now command line type  ionic resources  (this is upload your icon and splash )
  • Build the project:    ionic build android
  • finally display build successfully message
  • the apk avail in your project C:\Users\KRS\test\platforms\android\build\outputs\apk\android.debug.apk



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