Month: August 2016

How to Become Google Developer

The objective of this event is about to explain the Google developer program. How to take the Google developer training certification program. The participants are encouraged to signup for the udacity and github. The participants will learn how to use Google developer console to build the first project using API keys.

Event Details

Event Name : “How to become a Google Developer”

Venue: 187 Veerakaliamman Kovil Street, Jaihindpuram, Madurai

Date: 07.08.16

Event type: Half Day

Timings: 10.00a.m to 1.00p.m

Event Hashtag: #GDG #gdgmdu

Event Site :

Event Report

Initially we have started the overview of our event; it was simply like a Group discussion and discussed what would we contribute further in #GDG. Later we had seen the real demo about “Google Cloud Vision and Speech API “It was amazing when we saw the demo on #GoogleHangout on air. Next to that, Speakers shared their view on IOT, Applied CS, Linux and Github.

They have explained about the Pros of all the value added courses provide by Google, and had a practical session about how to create new project on Google cloud console and to create account in Github.

The whole even was streaming live. The one who missed out the live streaming of Google Cloud Platform, Here is the link to know more about Vision and Speech API
check out here:

  • We were live with Hash tag: #gdgmdu, #GDG on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.
  • Women participants has applied for  Android Certified program and they have created a Github account
  • We have played a video on Google cloud platform Speech and Voice API.
  • We formed a group and planned about the next GDG event in Madurai and how to share the information to end users who are all in rural areas.
  • Boys also shared their view and spread the awareness to the girls that seems like pleasant and wonderful experience.
  • Both Boys and Girls shared their bilateral conversation about Google Developer Program

Few statistics:

# Participants Registered 21
# Participants Invited 21
# Participants Attended 14
# Women Participants 05



10:00 to 10:30 what is Google developer program
10:30 to 11:30 How to create a developer account
11:30 to 12:30 create new project on Google cloud console and get API key.
12:30 to 1:00 feedback session and discuss about opengdg project and devfest planning

Target Audience

Developers, computer science teachers and students who are willing to learn about google technology.


Developers/students able to understand what is Google developer program, How to get certification from Google. How to get free training on Android course from google.

Speaker Details:

  • Mr. Senthil Kumar
  • Ms. Andal Mariappan
  • Mr. Prasanth
  • Mr. Aravind Thiraviam
  • Mr. Tharun Pandey
  • Mr. Ajay
  • Mr. Madhesh
  • Mr. Seshan


Edited by  – Andal Mariappan