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This post list our the bunch of task need to executed by community members.  Requested everyone to check this post blog every day. If any task assigned for you. Please execute it and update the status of the task in your post page which has your name_taskList..

  • [Sentihl] Create a meetup group for IoTMadurai
  • [Senthil] Create meetup group for GDGMadurai
  • [Senthil] Create meetup group for
  • [Senthil] Create wordrpress task list for all members,
  • [Ratha] Going to meenakshi college.List all the members name ask them to give the details such as mobile, email id, Create  a blogpost called Members details which has info about all the members
  • [Ratha]
  • [Vaishnavi] Create a Website for IoTmadurai(Created by Heera and Mageswari)
  • [Nirmal] Create a Logo for IoTmadurai
  • [sabari] Create a Facebook page for IoT madurai
  • [Girija] Going to meenakshi college. developing valuable drops
  • [sharmila] Design poster,invitation and agenda for IoT Madurai 
  • [saravanan] develop e-commerce site in wordpress for diaper

[Padmapriya] update the project kalam app with content in the project kalam blog post